Medical Practice Marketing In New York by Casey Hart

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October 15, 2015

Medical Practice Marketing in New York City is a high stakes competition, with the highest concentration of the best doctors anywhere. That’s why marketing your practice is so important, and will continue to increase. Online presence has taken the place of “the neighborhood doctor,” and patients search for medical specialists for commonplace conditions.


As your medical practice marketing focuses more and more on “online” presence, patients naturally have less and less personal or emotional attachment while they’re researching and shopping. In many cases personal or professional referrals have been replaced by medical practice marketing tactics so that patients rely on the impersonal Yelp, Google Plus, and Healthgrades to compare doctors. The result? Patients who use the same strategies “shopping” for doctors as when they shop for restaurants.


Online websites, reviews, and directories only go so far.
Even Internet developers stress the importance of constantly monitoring “offline” medical practice marketing information (your phone number and address) because calling your office is the next logical step before booking a consult. How can physicians do more to influence the patient’s choice in the crowded New York marketplace? The more you can communicate with the patient, and create an intellectual/emotional bond, the stronger the bond with the “future patient.”


The reason that “offline” information is so crucial is that it’s the “moment of truth” before booking the consult. The way your staff (or your automated answering system) answers the phone, what the caller hears while waiting for help, and how the caller is treated build patient trust. If any of these steps is overlooked, the patient has several (or even dozens) of other Google choices.

Casey Hart is a lifelong student of marketing, learning from the start at a successful family owned business in a highly competitive industry in New York City. He used his experience to launch The Informer, which works with businesses that need “marketing for the real world.” The Informer’s main division, Informer Messages develops custom marketing messages for business telephone systems. The Informer works with businesses that realize that, no matter how hard they try, they put phone calls on hold. When they do, they not only lose an opportunity, but they annoy their prospects.

You can contact Casey for a free 15-minute Discovery Analysis. In New York, call 212-355-6980 (NYC). Nationwide, call 800-862-8896. Or you find out more info at the Informer website.

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