Why Your Practice Should Hire A Billing Company

By editor
March 31, 2015

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons providers feel they do not want to hire a billing company is that they do not want to lose control of their billing. The truth is they will gain more control as well as gain more benefits they may have never thought of. Benefits such as increased revenues and a more efficient office. Here at Docsbackoffice we seek to support your current billing department. Your practice can keep your current billing systems and we can train and work with what you have in place.

As a provider you will get to spend more of your time on clinical matters that involve your patients since you will have to worry less about your billing and dedicate less time to fixing billing problems. Not only should providers spend more time doing what they do best but the office staff's time will be better optimized by not having to spend a majority of their day on hold with insurance companies as they attempt to find out why that claim is not getting paid. Your office will run more smoothly and efficiently. Patients will be seen quicker and exam rooms will turn over sooner. This all means that you can now see more patients or end our day earlier, your choice.

Most practices have issues with stabilizing their cash flows. Having a billing company working with you will help build the consistency that you need. Claims will be sent out to the clearinghouse on a regular basis and be checked for invalid, rejected and denied claims. They will be fixed and ready to be paid on in a timely fashion so that you will receive payment sooner. Controlling your accounts receivables will be the biggest benefit to your practice as all outstanding claims will be checked on with the carriers. No longer will your revenue strictly come from claims that went in clean. There are many claims that have minor errors or need follow up or were never received. If you never follow up with the added info they need or resend the claim you can be assured you will not get paid on that claim. Docsbackoffice will make sure you get paid on those claims as well. This is added revenue that perhaps you never knew you could even count on. Don't let claims get denied for timely filing before you realize this revenue.

Having a team of billers dedicated to your practice will give you the consistency and peace of mind your practice needs and deserves. Too many practices have one key person who knows everything about the practice's billing. What happens when that person calls in sick or goes on vacation? Or what happens if they leave your practice? Stop worrying about hiring more people and placing job ads and conducting interviews only to have to do it all over again in a few months. Docsbackoffice looks to work with your current staff while also allowing them to benefit the practice more by having more time to do their other duties.

How will you pay for this? It is not as expensive as you may think and the added revenue due to increased productivity and a more efficient office will probably offset the cost and more. Having another professional voice to discuss the rapid industry changes will surely make your return on your investment a valued one. It certainly doesn't hurt to talk about it and learn more.

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